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erinaree asked: I recently bought cute knickers in size 22 and 24 at Best & Less on the Sunshine Coast, and earlier this year in Melbourne. Have also had no problem getting them at my local Targets in Melbourne. Sounds like it might be a regional thing? Kmart has been getting worse across the board I've found, but Big W is definitely stepping up. I bought two cute pairs of pjs at Big W recently, where previously it was ugly pink or blue nighties only. I wish you luck on your underpants quest.

Rahhhhhhhh, must be my locals. Sweet, thanks! I will check out Big W. & ugh, seriously re: Kmart. They have been the woooooooorst for fatshion for so long now.

  1. cutselvage said: ugh that is so shit. but! big w have been stepping up their game, i got some cute undies from there!

oh, ta!! i forgot to look at big dubs. will check ‘em out.

  1. andibgoode said: Ohhh, I never thought of getting grippy stuff for shoes - I have loads that make me slide everywhere!

i initially was sort of … scuffing them against bitumen/concrete or rubbing sandpaper on them!! and then i asked dad if he could talk to this shoemaker dude he knows (the most eccentric person i’ve met in a loooooong time) and the guy was all like, “grip. i’ll put them on.”

so, apparently my local best and less (or best and less in general?) have stopped making cute fat girl undies past a size 18, because when i went to buy my sister her cute hipster and boyleg underpants in varying prints and colours, all i found were high waisted FULL pants in plain cottons and a couple of satin yeast infection undies. target were the same. as were kmart. she loved those undies. :(

  1. goldstarsfortulip said: TALK TO ME ABOUT THESE SHOES. Dear lord.

hahaha. they’re gorman! i thiiiiiiiiink last winter? i got ‘em from the outlet on bridge road. i had to get grip stuff put on the sole & heel because they were super smooth and i kept sliding around. i am clumsy enough; i do not need shoes to help me fall.

  1. gnome-its-not said: Dear god, they are magnificent.

aren’t they!!

Sweaty upper lip selfie #selfie #smilelol #whyisweather

Sweaty upper lip selfie #selfie #smilelol #whyisweather

Seeing spots #shoes

Seeing spots #shoes